Vaidshankara Wellness

Namaste & Welcome to Vaidshankara Wellness, unit of Lyka Ventures

Our Offerings  

Reiki Healing - Channelize the energy of the universe to heal the body (1 to 1 & Distance)

(For Humans, Animals, Plants)

  • Promotes Deep Relaxation & Pain Relief​

  • Reliefs Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Behavioral, Emotional problems

  • Breaks down energy blocks & balances the mind, body and spirit

  • Eases Muscle Tension

  • Accelerates the body's self healing abilities

  • Helps you Sleep better


Crystal Healing - Draw out impurities from the body

  • Cleanses, heals, and helps protect Auro​

  • Attracts Divine Energy

  • Overcomes Victim hood 

  • Enhances self esteem, encourage clarity and inspire a sense of peace and centredness

Pranic Healing - Heal the body energy

  • Clean toxic from the body

  • Clears negative emotions like fears, traumatic memories, anxieties and phobias

  • Bring down common ailments like cold, cough, and fever

  • Boost your stamina 

  • Improve your memory, concentration & interpersonal skills

  • Bring inner peace and happiness

Power Yoga & Meditation - Stabilize Mind & Body

  • Improve Respiration, Energy & Vitality

  • Improve Cardio & Circulatory Health

  • Increased Flexibility

  • Increased Muscle Strength and Tone

  • Weight Reduction & Perfects Posture

  • Improves Sleep Quality

  • Enhances Self Awareness,